Batman Vs The Joker – The Battle of the Cake

10 Jan

Thanks Daisy for your cakespiration. Weird; that Dora cake kind of resembles glow bug. Choosing a first birthday cake for our daughter has become a battle. Despite knowing my fiancé for over 11 years, I have only just realised that we approach creative projects in very different ways.

Like many kiwi families, we both grew up with the wonderful tradition of elaborate homemade birthday cakes. You name it, our mums nailed it: the soccer fields, dolls, bugs, trains, planes, Dukes of Hazzard automobiles and Cleopatra, just to name a few!

I admit I did not listen when he first suggested we continue his family’s tradition, in which both the mum and dad make the cake together. His dad was as much as responsible as his mum to conjure up a construction. Uh-oh, I misunderstood – I thought I was the one going to make a cake?

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my fiancé, and as a couple we have a stellar reputation for our professionalisim on various films, TV sets, festivals and theatre shows. We have had a blast doing so . However, put us both in the kitchen and you create a warzone that will take no survivors.

I am Batman and my fiancé is the Joker.

Batman is dark and serious, always upholding the law. He has a need for order and control. Much planning is needed, and you always, ALWAYS need your tools and gadgets. Batman would like to bake a banana blueberry cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. Batman would make sure that he has the adequate resources to do so. He’d bake a cake that is delicious but doesn’t take all day … a cake that is moist … a cake that looks stylish and doesn’t contain a monstrous amount of sugar … a cake that leaves him much time to prepare an assortment of mini-cream cheese club sandwiches before he sets out for a night of crime fighting in Gotham City.

Whereas the Joker would like cake anarchy – he thrives in creative chaos! Who needs rules when you can create a colourful candy forest?! Let’s just get heaps of lollies and envelop the cake with rainbow sprinkles! Who needs a recipe when you can just buy a sponge and turn it into a giant tower of awesome that explodes??

Batman cringes.

Joker to Batman – Why so serious?

Maybe Batman needs to chill – the Joker’s cake does sounds like a lot more fun.


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